A unique communication strategy to fill the void created by an absence of live events.

As the world begins to emerge from a global pandemic, economic and travel recovery will be slow, meaning that live events may not return in full for at least another year.

Your business needs a communication strategy to fill this void.

Rewire is a personalised communication strategy, crafted for your business, to suit the needs and objectives of each of your unique audiences.



Reward winning performance by motivating a workforce to smash targets in order to achieve a top place in a once-in-a-lifetime incentive programme or prize, or to make it to the top of the leader board.

Engage with clients and staff, informing them of company performance plans and opportunities.

Win hearts and minds so that staff want to succeed for the company and clients want to remain loyal advocates.

Inspire staff to reach for their next level of performance, and clients to see what the company can do for them and their business.

Reveal news so that staff and clients feel constantly informed and engaged with the company.

Encourage exceptional performance, loyalty and behaviours so that star performance is championed and recognised. Role models are created and celebrated.

Silver Pride 2021 Programme