Virtual Events

So you've been asked to put together a virtual event...

You now have to traverse the countless companies offering their platform as 'the perfect solution'.


Our team listens to your event aims and objectives, providing you with a detailed recommendation on the best platform, delivery method and a full cost breakdown.
No obligation.
Always bespoke.

A virtual event, with

ADC offers more than the rest...

Following receiving your brief, the ADC team begins to compile a list of potential platforms that work for both your event aims, and budget. These factors can include requested functionality such as video calling, social media integration, sponsorship and more.

We are not tied or partnered with any platform providers giving us full impartiality, whilst still retaining preferential rates, which are then passed on to you.

So now the platforms decided, what are you going to be presenting?

Awards show? Panel discussion? Perhaps you have an exhibition planned?

Whatever the request, ADC’s experienced team of creators are set and ready to help you with your show agenda. Unlike many other event companies, we don’t just offer a full package (although we love to), if you need some help with the video editing your sessions, or maybe it’s running the live video chat or show-calling pre-recorded video.

We are happy to help wherever we can.

Leading up to a virtual event, it can seem pretty daunting.

It’s a new experience for a lot of people. What do I need to check? Will everybody’s cameras work? Oh I remember…Sophie has to access on iPad…is that possible?

No need to panic. ADC makes sure we plan for every eventuality. With vast knowledge of the platforms we offer, along with common requests, we can perform tech checks with all of your presenters, run demo rehearsals, and control everything from delegate registration to email marketing and live show production.

The beauty of virtual engagement is that it can come from anywhere.

We have all become accustomed to sitting at home, switching our laptop on, and partaking in hours of group meetings. The trick is to turn this experience into entertainment. This is where our ‘real-feel’ promise comes in…

We turn looking at a laptop into a spectacle, with cutting-edge graphics, stings, music, performances, entertainment and a lot more besides! Presenters can take part in the show from the comfort of their own homes!

ADC also have access to broadcast studios across the UK and Europe, meaning we can provide you with unrivalled production quality at unrivalled prices. Fully COVID secure, with a trained production team, producing your very own TV show.

Hybrid Events

There is an ever increasing demand for live events to be streamed, shared and consumed using digital media channels. ADC works with our colleagues at ACE to expertly craft unique hybrid events using the very best of available tools and technologies.

Drawing on apps, video production, telepresence, augmented reality, holograms, interactive presentations and custom-built websites, we can take your hybrid experience to the next level, extending your reach in the digital space, and all expertly navigated by your own personal producer.

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