Our sister company, Absolute Corporate Events delivers the most impactful and memorable live events globally. At ADC we transplant the same creativity and high quality production values into the digital space to deliver events that are more than a virtual copy of a live event: better than the real thing.

Virtual events with real-feel.


ADC will conduct a detailed analysis of your communication objectives and provide bespoke recommendations to help you achieve these with lasting impact but on budget.


There is an increasing demand for live events to be streamed, shared and consumed using digital media channels. ADC works with our colleagues at ACE to expertly craft unique hybrid events using the very best of available tools and technologies. Drawing on apps, video, telepresence, augmented reality, holograms, interactive presentations and custom-built websites, we can take your hybrid experience to the next level, extending your reach in the digital space, and all expertly navigated by your own personal producer.

Our sister company