The new vision for a digital world

The NEW vision for a digital world

James Jackson, Director of Production

Since February, countless industries have been suffering from the coronavirus pandemic which has brought job losses, business closures and lifespan difficulties across both the UK, and indeed the world.

During this time however, there has been a positive burst of creativity which has engulfed various industries, who are showing that the limitations and guidelines which have been put in place, have actually brought opportunity to expand and develop ideas. New platforms have shone, to not only aid business success, but to help empower companies during what is inevitably going to be, a long and difficult road. 

ADC has been established to help businesses navigate the new terrain of digital. There have been some fantastic developments in the world of virtual events, and digital strategy, but it can seem incredibly difficult to find the right product for use. As event industry experts, it only made sense for us to spend the time without live events constructively, and ensure we have a firm understanding of the various different platforms on offer and consequently, which platforms are the right fit for various different applications.

There is no ‘one size fits all’ solution, and ADC provides the unique ability to instigate a detailed analysis of your goals and objectives, and provide recommendation and support to help you achieve these objectives, in both the most impactful way possible, but also at the most cost efficient price point.

ACE have always been known for their client care and attention to detail, and ADC is no different. Every single request is taken into account and your bespoke advice will be provided to enable you to thrive in this ever-changing environment. 

“Digital elegance crafted with purpose”

Our slogan for ADC encapsulates our goal in everything we do. Service and production has to be conducted with purpose, with drive and with a clear understanding of how it can actually solve the problem at hand, not just provide a hollow solution which is available for the sake of it. 

A key offering of our sister company ACE was our creative production. With a team of multi-skilled video, photography and design specialists, ACE were able to fulfil a 360* level of support for events, from content, to production, to management and beyond. With a weighted interest amongst businesses to expand their digital offering, and embrace the virtual world, ADC will be able to take this high level of experience, B2B communication and talent, and cater it to new clients who are looking to fill the void in place through the aforementioned digital landscape challenge.

The skills of the workforce do not just feature when facilitating events, be that physical or virtual, and the team are able to use their graphic design and video production experience to offer a variety of services to bring an end-to-end solution for all of your requirements. Be it content design, social media assistance, video shooting and editing, platform sourcing, show-calling or full scale virtual event production, our team can help.

Without change, nothing happens and ADC are poised to help businesses either further their current digital offerings, or develop new inroads to create the new vision for a digital world.

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