Led by Directors; Chris Parnham, Jacquie Freer and James Jackson, and supported by a team of Creators, ADC aims to provide a focused approach to digital communication across all virtual channels.

ADC delivers maximum engagement, impact and motivation for any communication project or objective, without the need for a physical event.

Our Creators are experts in video production, social media, creative design and web development, so we are able to provide a wide variety of services, all under one roof.

This unique opportunity to centralise communication across all digital channels means that content, messaging, branding and technical delivery is aligned, coherent, and expertly presented.


We deliver “digital elegance crafted with purpose.

Some companies treat digital communication as secondary to physical in-person communication, spending less time, energy and resources, leading to ill-managed, ineffective and sub-standard delivery of their messaging and objectives.

At ADC we create beautiful digital communication, as impactful as the real thing.

We don’t just produce, we craft.

From the smallest media post, to the largest virtual event and everything in between, the same level of care, attention and elegance will be invested to ensure you receive the highest quality digital product that achieves goals, captures attention and drives positive engagement.


The definition of virtual is: “Almost or nearly as described, but not completely or according to strict definition.”

The team at ADC understand that by taking away the live in-person experience, a massive element is lost, which needs to be replaced by something else, in order to make the new event more than a virtual copy of the real thing. This is why Absolute Digital Communications produce virtual events with real feel.